People - Information - Experience

How people experience information in everyday contexts is our focus at PIE.


Our obsessions:

  • how people create and remix information especially with others;
  • how needs are borne—sometime are met, sometimes just morph;
  • why people seek information and yet often do not;
  • how people surface others’ needs, and give information too;
  • how ALL these acts reflect management and use;
  • and how the human information experience is enwrapped with emotion, especially can culminate in happiness.


Coming up, our pages on

  • InfoMe: using design thinking to study ethnic mediary youth as info mediaries in social networks
  • Information Grounds: info flow in informal social settings
  • Online dating as an info problem: design, behavior, policy
  • Theories in motion: Using information behavior theory to inform policy, applications and practice


Dr. Karen E. Fisher Professor, The Information School Adjunct Professor of Communication University of Washington fisher@uw.edu